All Accomplished

Published Mon Apr 8, 2019 09:06 PM PDT

A vast length of time passed between the days of your author and those of this story. A better universe came to be through the tireless efforts of mankind. There was no more pain, loneliness, or social ills. Every planet was made home, and every star a sun.

A river flowed on Tantalus, the world at the furthest perimeter of nature. Along its pastoral banks, visitors gathered yearly to celebrate the festival of Emptiness. Lanterns decorated the feast, and skilled artists filled the air with music. After a delightful dinner and dessert, the main event began. The melodies stopped and the lights dimmed to black, and those travelers were privileged to witness one of the most beautiful sights in all Creation: complete and utter nothingness in the starless night sky.

For a while, the Heat Death posed a problem. However, technology advanced such that humans could suspend and even reverse the steady separation of matter. It was said of this development that God had looked kindly on our race, and allowed us to extend mortal existence a brief moment longer.

With no change left to strive for, and no space remaining to explore, the culture began to stagnate. Art became repetitious, seeking out forgotten gems for restoration, but there was only a finite history to draw from. The length of life compounded the boredom. None chose suicide, but it was unclear what goals were left. Humanity’s temporal presence had become like a quiet lake to contemplate. Some were tempted to stir the lake, to erase history, to return war and suffering so that old passions could be renewed. Had these demons won, our lot would have become a cycle between war and peace, a Sisyphean struggle, and it was not enough to merely imagine this fate as happy.

In the end, Our Lord took pity on His creatures. He returned to us in one last conquest, war, famine and death until all stood before the Judgment. Our emptied habitat was fulfilled in its purpose. Those with eternal life never again knew the dullness of anxiety.

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