Published Sat May 11, 2019 03:04 AM PDT

The big issue today is hypocrisy. It's a major problem that is called out by the gospels, but of course practicing Christians are not exempt from temptation to hypocrisy. Everyone on Earth needs to struggle with this issue.

The basic logic around hypocrisy is something like this: the other side does it, so now we can do it too. That's only fair, is the idea. But in actuality this is only a recipe for continued discord in the world. This is why Jesus taught to turn the other cheek.

If we enable ourselves to commit evil just because other people commit evil, then we corrupt our souls out of revenge. We engage in hypocrisy.

A better approach is to endure what we have to endure from others, but focus on maintaining purity of our own thoughts and actions as best as we possibly can. For this reason I am essentially discontinuing my involvement in political affairs online. I will still participate in reasoned discussions with people so that we can seek the truth together, but I'm tired of the petty fighting and propaganda. Life is too short to spend more of it that way. Thank you for reading.

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