My political thoughts

Published Fri Aug 17, 2018 08:48 PM PDT

In my years of posting on internet forums, I was frequently accused of being a troll. I was also called a contrarian. People thought I just made up my opinions for effect. I will admit that sometimes I enjoyed people's hysterical reactions to my ideas. And my ideas were also highly variable, because I would often think from a variety of perspectives. Every now and then, someone who usually disagreed with me, would be surprised to find themselves agreeing with me on some subject. So I was often asked, "Just what are your true beliefs?" And I never really had a clear answer. I was never totally sure what my true beliefs were. I was too indecisive, too young, too immature, still busy exploring the basics of reality, and its various ideological systems. I'm sure the ideology I have now isn't going to be exactly the same as the one I have thirty years from now (If I live that long), or even five years from now. But, I might as well go into some of the general things I have found myself coming to believe over time.

  1. Environmentalism. I do think the environment and Earth are important. I played a night elf druid in World of Warcraft, which is a character that is heavily integrated with nature. I think it's important to preserve and appreciate natural beauty. I wouldn't describe myself as a radical on this subject, but it is something I take seriously.
  2. Opposition to war. I generally disapprove of war. I understand that sometimes it might be necessary, but I prefer diplomatic solutions first. I think it's important to understand your geographical enemies. I think war causes a lot of unnecessary death, injury, poverty, illness, etc. And I'm also very skeptical of the motivations for war.
  3. Opposition to the unnecessary use of force. This is the "libertarian" side of me. I don't like when people are forced, by the government or otherwise, to act or say something, at threat of violence. I know that sometimes force must be used for a greater good, but I am very skeptical of, for example, the taxation system, which I see as a kind of institutionalized robbery. I see the government for the most part as sort of a successful gang. I think a lot of people see it this way too, but most people just lack the scruples to criticize it, and would rather join up with the gang and enjoy the benefits.
  4. Love of history. I really enjoy the history of humanity. I have studied most of the world's religions, cultures, languages, philosophies, literature, art, and so on. I have a good map in my mind of the history of the species. It informs my decision making and teaches me a lot about the true nature of humanity. Without studying history, it's easy for many people to get lost in the trends of their age. People tend to think the movements of their age will be victorious and celebrated by the future. But analysis of history shows this is often not the case. What's interesting to me is those institutions that have managed to survive for a great deal of time. I think they must survive because they have something important and true in them.
  5. Appreciation of experimental art. I will admit that this is arguably my more "depraved" side. I have been open-minded to a wide variety of "indie" or "controversial" subjects. I find them amusing to think about, especially since I find most art to be rather dull and repetitive. For this reason, I look for great classic works, but also great experimental works. It's fun finding something that is fresh and seeing it grow in popularity until it becomes mainstream. I really enjoy the Internet because it gives me access to these new and exciting ideas.
  6. I love technology. I am a very advanced user of consumer technology. I try to avoid spending a lot of money in general, but when I find that something has sufficient value, I will seek it out. I am an early adopter of certain technologies that I think are sure to become widespread. However I am also very critical and skeptical of technological ideas and products. For this reason, I often find myself at odds with other people who love technology. I try to balance my "minimalism" with my advanced technological lifestyle.

Well, this is a very basic overview of some of my key values in life. These values inform how I treat the political world. I don't see any of these values fundamentally changing. Perhaps I will write about political topics more specifically in the future. Thank you for reading.

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