What I am owed

Published Thu Oct 4, 2018 10:11 PM MDT

In our society, we so frequently talk of rights, and liberties, and entitlements; just what we as individuals are owed from other individuals is a matter of constant debate. Some may be expecting me to take the more traditional "edgy", extremely individualist tack that we are all owed nothing. But no, I'm going to go in quite the opposite direction. We are all owed a number of things from our fellow human beings, and I'll list some of them now:

Yes, I do believe that not only must everyone treat others with respect, they must also express their thoughts. I am quite adamant about these beliefs and I see myself as something of an enforcer of them. Since I go around, determining if other people are in compliance, they tend to get one of two types of interaction from me. Those who treat myself and others with respect, and allow myself and others to speak our minds will find me polite, friendly, and sociable; those who either do not treat myself and others with respect, or do not allow myself and others to speak our minds, will be treated with scorn. It's really just that simple.

So, some people like to tell me that they don't owe me anything, and I insist that yes, yes you do. You owe me quite a lot. I am entitled to certain behaviors from you, just by virtue of our living in a civilized area. And if you don't exhibit those behaviors, you don't belong in a civilized area. You belong amongst people who don't value these things, where you should be quarantined, until such time, God willing, you come to realize how corrupt your mentality has become.

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